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Kaboor 21

For Men and Women

Non-oily paste for the treatment of baldness, immediate anti hair loss, reinforce the hair root and anti-dandruff

And Prevent hair loss in one week and strengthen the development of hair in one month

Kaboor 21 is but the extract of 15 years in the Dr kaboor labs and it's a non oily paste that reinforce the hair greatly, it's made up of 210 different types of rare medical herbs that only grows between the rocky environment on the tops of the Tibet mountains that exists on the separating boarders of India and china. theses rare herbs and tree leaves lasts for only twenty one days a year, which makes the overall harvest ultimately rare, and the substance extracted from these rare herbs and tree barks have a magical effect on preventing the hair from falling and retaining what already fell because of the cooperation between the substance that widen the veins of the circulatory system in the capillaries that exists in the hair.
Returning the roots to its vital state and giving thick and volumes tic, long and fair hair

we can summarize the Kaboor 21 benifets as

Kaboor 21 gives outstanding results after only few days of use Kaboor 21 differs from any other product as it inter and tall the hair as shown at the bottom of the page which leads to the vitalization of the roots and hair with the unique and rare elements that exists in the Kaboor 21 and that name it the best seller shampoo worldwide since during the year of 2006 a number of 79 million packets in the USA and Europe

It strengthens the hair and permanently ends the problems of baldness, hair fall and helps the hair to grow
Prevents the baldness and vigorously stimulate the growth and replacement of the fallen hair

Puts an end to the problem of the hair weakness and fall that results from covering the hair Ends the problem of the hair weakness that results from the use of salt or unfiltered water or washing the hair since it goes through the hair and hair roots Ends the problem of hair loss that results from the daily stresses, pregnancy, extremely hot weather and breast feeding.

How to use kaboor 21

Shake the bottle before use it.
The scalp is scrubbed thoroughly once a day with a small amount of kaboor21 while smoothly massaging the scalp for three min
The product could be applied on both dry and wet scalp but it shouldn't be rinsed off immediately
Rinsing the hair could be after the pass of at least three hours also the hair could be left without rinsing as the scalp will absorb the product all by itself and consequently leave no greasy effect on the hair

Duration of use

Women and men get outstanding results in the cases of hair loss after three days of using Kaboor21 and can stop permanently using the product after the pass of the first month even though the continuity of using Kaboor21 once or twice a week after the first month increase the power, volume and length of the hair and prevent it from falling, as well as prevent dandruff

Important note

Part of the Kaboor 21 mechanism is the removal of the accumulated salts in the scalp and hair that results from using salt or unfiltered water or covering the hair. Kaboor 21 brings out those salts and so the user notice the appearance of what appears to be dandruff after the pass of the first week even though they are not dandruff but rather the accumulated salts that cause the weakness of the hair and it's fall, and that issue is resolved in less than a month of using Kaboor 21 so that the scalp may return back to being a health, young scalp with no problems of hair loss or dandruff for good.

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